Interveners An Interview with Lindsay Lyster, Q.C.

Lindsay Lyster QC — a partner with the Vancouver firm of Moore, Edgar, Lyster — appears regularly before the Supreme Court of Canada on behalf of the B.C. Civil Liberties Association. Following the hearing of Mounted Police Association of Ontario v Canada, SCC 34948, Moira Dillon spoke with Lindsay about the role of interveners before the Court and the BCCLA’s intervention in this case.

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Sniffer Dogs Have Their Day Interview with Counsel for the Appellants in R. v MacKenzie and R. v Chehil

Barry Nychuk and Stan MacDonald QC are criminal lawyers from opposite sides of the country. But they came together in Ottawa for the combined hearings of MacKenzie and Chehil where they asked the Supreme Court of Canada for some much needed guidance on the standard of “reasonable suspicion” necessary to animate a police sniffer-dog search. After the hearing, Moira had a chance to talk to Barry and Stan about their experiences bringing these cases before the Court.

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Criminal Matters A comparison of criminal vs non-criminal proceedings before the Supreme Court of Canada

Approximately half of the appeals heard by the Supreme Court of Canada are criminal appeals. While there are many similarities between criminal and non-criminal proceedings before the Court, there are also a number of significant differences, particularly with respect to the jurisdiction of the Court, appeals as of right, leave application hearings, and costs.

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