Nortel Networks Inc. v Board of Pension Protection Fund et al

Agent for Torys LLP
Representing Nortel Networks Inc.
Re: Bankruptcy Law

Greenpeace v Ontario Power Generation

Agent for R. Lindgren, CELA
Representing Greenpeace Canada
Re: Canadian Environmental Assessment Act

Conrad Black v The Queen

Agent for A. Woodyard, Davis LLP
Representing Conrad Black
Re: Taxation and Residency

Conserve Oil 1st Corp. v Alberta Treasury Boards

Agent for A. Breitman, MacPherson Leslie & Tyerman
Representing the Applicant, Conserve Oil 1st Corp.
Re: Leave to Appeal under bankruptcy legislation

Wise v Canada (Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness)

Agent for B. Salsberg, Barrister & Solicitor
Representing Steven Wise
Re: Duty to Report and Officially Induced Error

Rakuten Kobo v Competition Commission

Agent for N. Iatrou, WeirFoulds LLP
Representing Rakuten Kobo Inc.
Re: Competition Law

Precision Plating v Axa Pacific Insurance

Agent for C. Stewart, Counsel
Representing Axa Pacific Insurance et al.
Re: Standard form insurance contracts

Blueberry River First Nations v Canada

Agent for J. Tate, Ratcliff & Company
Representing Blueberry River First Nations
Re: Judicial review National Energy Board Act

First Nation of Nacho Nyak Dun v Yukon

Agent for M. Rosling, Aldridge & Rosling
Representing First Nation of Nacho Nyak Dun
Re: Breach of modern treaty obligations

BC Ferry & Marine Union v BC Ferry

Agent for S. Banister, Banister & Associates
Representing BC Ferry & Marine Union
Re: Jurisdiction under s. 24(1) of Charter

Saskatchewan Government & General Employee’s Union v Saskatchewan

Agent for S. R. Ellis, Q.C.
Representing the Union
Re: Impartiality of Adjudicative Tribunals

CAW Canada v Pacific Coach Lines

Agent for P. Shklanka, Kestrel Workplace Legal
Representing CAW Canada, Local 114
Re: CIRB Constitutional Jurisdiction

Leafwood Investments v 1724684 Ontario

Agent for D. Rothwell, Beard Winter
Representing Leafwood Investments Inc.
Re: Admission of Contract Evidence

Martin v Canada

Agent for S. Moreau,
Cavalluzzo Shilton McIntyre Cornish LLP
Representing C. Martin
Re: Equality rights of Multiple Birth Parents

Halalt First Nation v BC

Agent for W. Andrews
Representing Halalt First Nation
Re: Aboriginal Groundwater Rights

B&R Development v Trail South

Agent for D. Parkatti, Cleall LLP
Representing B&R Development Corporation Ltd.
Re: Part Performance

Equinox Engineering v Lavalin

Agent for T. Kathol, Field Law
Representing Equinox Engineering Ltd.
Re: Commercial Leasing

Hogarth v Simonson

Agent for P. Linder Q.C. and J. Price
Peacock, Linder & Halt LLP
Representing Lance Hogarth et al
Re: Director’s Liability

Flanagan v Canada

Agent for T. Beasley, Bernard LLP
Representing B. Flanagan
Re: RCMP Contractual Employment Rights


Scaduto v Law Society of Upper Canada

Agent for A. Antoniou, O’Donnell & Robertson
Representing the Law Society of Upper Canada
Re: Procedural dismissal of action

Mitchinson v Lawyers Professional Indemnity Co.

Agent for A. Huff, Evans Sweeny Bordin LLP
Representing Lawyers Professional Indemnity Co.
Re: Insurer’s duty of care

NAV Canada v North Saanich et al

Agent for S. Manhas, Young, Anderson
Representing the District of North Saanich
Re: Property Assessment

ExxonMobil Canada v Calder

Agent for P. Linder Q.C., Peacock Linder & Halt
Representing L. Calder et al.
Re: Mineral trespass and conversion

Rio Tinto v Saik’uz First Nation

Agent for M. Skeels, Ratcliff & Co.
Representing Saik’uz First Nation
Re: Aboriginal Legal Rights

Todorovic v City of Hamilton

Agent for L. Knepflar, Counsel
Representing City of Hamilton
Re: Personal Injury and Ontario Works

Sanofi Pasteur Limited v UPS SCS Inc.

Agent for L. Matthews, Matthews Abogado LLP
Representing Industrial Technical Services Inc.
Re: Privity of Contract

McInnis v Metro Credit Union

Agent for D. Drysdale Q.C., Carr, Stevenson
Representing Metro Credit Union Ltd.
Re: Civil Jury Trial

Dicaro v Manufacturers Life Insurance

Agent for G. Jermane, Counsel
Representing Manufacturers Life Ins. Co.
Re: Insurance Law

Bell Mobility v Anderson

Agent for A. Wong, Landy Marr Kats LLP
Representing J. Anderson
Re: Class Action – 911 Call Service Fees

Frederick O’Donnell v The Queen

Agent for J. Blackburn, Bersenas Jacobsen
Representing Waypoint Centre for Mental Health
Re: Health Law

Elbilia v CAW-Canada, Local 2002

Agent for L. Gottheil, Counsel
Representing the CAW-Canada, Local 2002
Re: Labour Law

Oh v Robinson

Agent for N. Dooley, McDougall Gauley LLP
Representing Trevor Robinson
Re: Wills and Estates

Drum Head Estates v Chapin

Agent for G. Saunders, Wickwire Holm
Representing Stephen Chapin
Re: Limitation of Actions

Antrobus v Antrobus

Agent for A. Winstanley, Barrister
Representing the Respondent, M. Antrobus
Re: Non-offending parent’s liability for abuse

Lu v Eco-Tec

Agent for R. Huang, Fogler, Rubinoff LLP
Representing Eco-Tec Inc.
Re: Forum non conveniens

Gee v Westerhof

Agent for J. Poproski, Ferro & Co.
Representing J. Westerhof
Re: Expert Evience


Ledcor v. Northbridge Indemnity

Agent for G. Tucker, Owen Bird Law
Representing the Respondents
Re: Builders’ Risk Insurance

Chippewas of the Thames v Enbridge

Agent for S. Robertson, Nahwegahbow, Corbiere
Representing the Appellent First Nation
Re: Crown’s duty to consult

Dominion Construction Ltd. v. Structal Heavy Steel

Agent for D.Hill, Hill Sokalski LLP
Representing the Appellent
Re: Construction Liens

Gargantiel v Quebec

Agent for A. Kliger, Leonard Kliger Avocat
Representing the Appellant, G. Gargantiel
Re: No-fault insurance and third party negligence

R v Borowiec (Criminal Lawyers Association)

Agent for J. Dawe, Dawe & Dineen
Representing the Intervener, CLAO
Re: Infanticide defence

Clark v R

Agent for J. van der Walle and M. Rankin
Representing the Appellant, F. Clark
Re: Telewarrant Requirements

Clements v. Clements

Agent for Dick Byl Law Corporation
Representing the Appellant, Joan Clements
Re: Causation in Tort Law

Saeed v R (Criminal Lawyers Association)

Agent for H. Krongold, Abergel Goldstein
Representing the Intervener, CLAO
Re: Privacy rights

Marcotte v. Caisses Desjardins

Agent for P. Trudel, Trudel & Johnston
Representing the Appellants
Re: Banking Law

Carey v. Laiken

Agent for K. Toyne, Hill Sokalski LLP
Representing the Respondent
Re: Solicitor’s Contempt of Court

Taypotat v. Taypotat

Agent for M. Phillips, Phillips & Co.
Representing the Respondent, Louis Taypotat
Re: First Nation Equality Rights

Mounted Police Association Ontario v. Canada

Agent for L. Lyster QC, Moore, Edgar, Lyster
Representing the Intervener, BCCLA
Re: Freedom of Association

Shaoulle v R

Agent for B. Pfefferle, Pfefferle Law Office
Representing the Appellent
Re: Circumstantial evidence

MacKenzie v. R.

Agent for B. Nychuk, Richmond Nychuk
Representing the Appellant
Re: Highway Sniffer Dog Search

Chehil v. R.

Agent for Stan MacDonald, Q.C., Garson MacDonald
Representing the Appellant
Re: Airport Sniffer Dog Search

Sask. Labour Federation v. Saskatchewan

Agent for P. Cavalluzzo, Cavalluzzo Shilton LLP
Representing the Interveners, CUPW et al.
Re: Freedom of Association

Goleski v R.

Agent for A. Jaswal, Vincent Michaels Law Corp.
Representing the Appellant
Re: Refusal of Breathalyzer

R v. Mohamed

Agent for S. Beaver
Beaver, Leebody, Frank & Associates
Representing the Appellant, Samir Mohamed
Re: Appeal As of Right