Supreme Law Group offers a full range of agency services for lawyers who are representing their clients before the Supreme Court of Canada.

SLG can assist you at every stage of your proceedings, including:

  • applying for leave to appeal
  • appealing with leave or “as of right”
  • responding to a leave application or an appeal
  • intervening at the application or appeal stage
  • bringing and responding to motions

We also provide a wide range of agency services, including:

  • drafting and reviewing legal arguments, factums, and motion materials
  • ensuring compliance with court rules and procedures
  • preparing and producing court documents
  • bookmarking electronic documents and producing CD-ROMs
  • serving, filing, and accepting service of court documents
  • scheduling hearings
  • appearing as counsel on motions and appeals before the court
  • pre-hearing preparation and coaching
  • retrieving court documents and precedents
  • addressing issues relating to the taxation of costs
  • acting as liaison between our clients and the Court