We had an exceptional experience with Moira Dillon and her firm. She grasped the key issues of our novel constitutional case and offered excellent editorial advice. She had an objective perspective and she drilled into the detail with us to question our presentation, which in my opinion greatly enhanced our argument. She shared with us the lessons from other experiences before the court, which was invaluable as this is our first time. I strongly recommend her services for any firm coming to the Supreme Court of Canada.

James Matkin, QC

Moira’s involvement and advice made the process of preparing responding documents so much more comfortable. I look forward to another opportunity to work with you in the future.

Simon Van Duffelen, Duffelen & Duffelen

Moira Dillon and Supreme Law Group were adroit, patient and friendly, expert, skillful, and very efficient, in getting our application for leave documentation completed and filed, and all against a short deadline. We could not have asked for a better partner in this exercise.

S. Ronald Ellis, Q.C.

This was my first case in the Supreme Court of Canada, and I expected my time to be consumed in learning another new set of rules, forms, jargon and procedures. What a relief that you looked after all that, so I could concentrate on the substance of my argument. Even there, your suggestions were very helpful. Thank you for all your contributions to our successful result.

Thomas Buri, Q.C. Buri, Overstall

Working with Moira was a great delight. I hardly apply to the Supreme Court of Canada every day, so working with someone who does, was a great asset. She was quick to pick up on the nuances of our case, which are subtle, but crucial, and she was extremely good at taking the morass that came to my mind as trial counsel when asked ‘what is this case all about?’ and turning that morass into succinct issues the court needs to hear, and communicated in a way that the court will hear. I highly recommend Moira to you.

Phil Dougan, Access Law Group

When confronted with the daunting task of preparing a leave application for the SCC, I was very concerned, having done a number of such applications in the past. Having engaged Moira to assist, the process was much less traumatic than before. Moira provided a valuable substantive contribution in the editing process and took care of all of the procedural details. And all at a very reasonable cost. I was very impressed.

Murray Smith, Smith Barristers

Thank you Moira, we felt 100% confident in your advice and direction in helping us put our ‘best foot forward’. We appreciate your professionalism and enjoyed the opportunity to work with you. I would (and I will) recommend you and your team to all of my friends and colleagues who practice law and who may find themselves applying to the SCC. Without a doubt, I would retain your services again.

Johanna Price Peacock, Linder & Halt LLP

Thank you so much… we are all very appreciative of your bending over backwards to get our materials served and filed on time. I will be singing your praises for months to come!

Kevin Toyne, Brauti Thorning Zibarras LLP

Thanks very much for all your work on our behalf  I couldn’t have managed without you. Your knowledge of court procedure and helpful comments facilitated a difficult process. I would recommend your firm to others seeking this type of service.

Lois Kneflar, City of Hamilton